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How do you enjoy snow in Paris? You go out in search of hills, of course!


And there’s probably no better place to find them than what used to be a sparse, windmill-dotted countryside outside the city limits: Montmartre.

There was a sense of event in the city this weekend as Paris got hit with the most snow it’s seen in 24 years, and not wanting to miss out on the spectacle I abandoned the promise of a cozy peaceful Sunday at home and schlepped a camera and many layers of clothing into the great white tundra. I expected the picturesque streets; what I didn’t expect was to see so many Parisians, who are normally reserved and measured, giving into pure unadulterated playfulness.







And where there’s no hill, you make do:


The area buzzed with a sense of village community and camaraderie, and the weather only strengthened the feeling of…

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Voici une chaîne de restauration orientale (algérienne), où on trouve principalement des gâteaux, mais aussi des plats pour le déjeuner.


Here is an oriental (Algerian) food chain, where there are mostly cakes, but also some dishes for lunch.

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