Asperge sauvage

tiresome moi

I am not much of a cook but I like to eat and enjoy roaming the local markets on the look out for seasonal treats. Today I came home with fresh garlic (ail frais, also called ail nouveau -new garlic), wild asparagus* (asperge sauvage), and white asparagus (asperge blanche). In my twenties I lived by the Three Ingredient Rule, I didn’t make anything that required more than three ingredients and, as a friend used to say, that includes salt and pepper. Fortunately that friend taught me to branch out and expand my culinary horizons. Ironically, tonight’s pièce de résistance is consistent with the Three Ingredient Rule: fresh garlic, butter, wild asparagus (I cheated and sprinkled on a little fleur de sel at the end).

wild asparagusWild asparagus uncooked

The finished productWild asparagus cooked

I sliced two cloves of garlic, sauteed them in butter until golden brown, then added the wild asparagus and sauteed the whole thing…

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