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DIY French Label Towel

Today I am sharing a DIY French Label Towel.  I love French decor!  Do you?
French towel 1Supplies:

– 1 high quality natural fabric towel (you can buy them online here: Now Designs Floursack Towels Set of 6, White)

– Marker

– Printout of French Chocolate label – I used the ‘Cacao Payraud’ label from the Graphics Fairy.  There are also many other graphics and labels on this wonderful site to choose from.


Wash and dry the towel.

Place paper of the French graphic under the towel.
Trace the words onto the towel using the marker.
You’re done!

French towel 2I have washed mine and the printing didn’t disappear or ‘bleed’ at all.  The towels take on a lovely slight faded appearance as the towel fibers move slightly as they are washed.  I use Woolite detergent, since certain detergents containing powerful stain fighters that may cause the print to fade excessively.  I choose to wash mine in cold water but they can be washed in hot water.

French towel 3

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