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Alsace Lorraine France – Alsace Region

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The Alsace Lorraine France is really two regions. The Alsace Region of France, sandwiched between the Lorraine region of France and the German border, is the smallest region in France.

Alsace Lorraine France - Ribeauville

In the Alsace Lorraine of France, half-timbered houses with window boxes of cascading geraniums as well as storks perched in nests high on rooftops are familiar sights.






Alsace Region of France - Riquewihr

Keep an eye toward roof-tops where you will see stork nests. It was the raucous clapping-like sound that alerted us to their presence of the storks.






Alsace Region of France tourism feature is the stork nests in Ribeauville Alsace Region of France - Ribeauville stork nests

My favorite meal to order when we were in the Alsace Region of France was the Flammekueche, which is a cross between a pizza and a savory tart. The crust is very thin and usually topped with crème fraiche, onions and bacon.







We concentrated our brief visit in the Alsace Region of France to the Ribeauvillé–Riquewihr area. Riquewihr is nestled in the Vosges mountains and is designated as one of the most beautiful villages in France. Car traffic is prohibited on the main streets.







Alsace Region of France - RiquewihrI love Riquewhir as it is a wonderful example of a Middle Ages village. The layout and architecture of this village have changed little since that time period. The wells, fountains and old wrought iron sign-work are fascinating.










The Dolder tower and belfry is the upper gate of the town, part of the original town wall fortification. In front of Dolder is the fountain of gauging which was used to check the capacity of wine barrels.








Riquewihr pain de campagne

This pain de campagne is a dense whole grain bread that is designed to last for several days even though it has no preservatives. You merely purchase a piece of the loaf as the length of the loaf is about 5 feet.

Riquewihr is considered one of the gems of the vinyards in this area of France and the neighboring village of Ribeauvillé is a wine producing village. There is nothing like vineyards to boost the tourism quotient.






This wonderful little village of Ribeauvillé, known for its Riesling wine, is picturesque – one of many beautiful villages in the Alsace Lorraine. The fountains and wells found in Ribeauvillé were delightfully curious.















This tower is known as the Butcher’s Tower because of the abattoirs and butcher’s stalls beside it. It separates the old town from the middle town.








There are 16 different hiking trails in this area of the Alsace Lorraine France and the walk from Riquewihr to Ribeauvillé is an easy 1.8km. If you are looking for peaceful tourism idea, then plan a day – hike. Some of the most beautiful fortified villages are in the Alsace Lorraine France around Riquewihr-Ribeauville. The Christmas season in France sees these villages become even more picturesque than at other times. I will end on that happy note with a video from Riquewihr and a link to my favorite Christmas song from France.

The Alsace Lorraine France is waiting for you.  For more information on France visit:  www.france-travel-info.com

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